about do good

the do good initiative has been a dream of ours for a long time.

Giving back has been a part of the Hyperquake culture since our inception. For us, truly making an impact for one Cincinnati nonprofit meant reaching outside of our own walls and bringing the creative community together for two days of what could only be described as brand building magic.


IN OCTOBER 2017, we finally brought it to life FOR THE FIRST TIME.

We held a 2-day brand development event to build and refine the brand identity of a deserving local nonprofit. After an intensive round of applications and interviews, Stages for Youth (newly renamed Fourthwall Youth Studios) was selected as the recipient of this "design grant." Frank O'Farrell, the organization's director, had the opportunity to attend the event and work with Hyperquake designers, strategists, project coordinators and other Cincinnati creatives to develop the brand into something their audience — students, parents and mentors — can be proud of.

Working with Frank was nothing short of humbling. We were also very lucky to partner with talented local firms and individuals to provide more creative services in support of the new brand, including videography, photography, collateral printing, and environmental graphics. Our goal was for Frank and the Fourthwall team to leave the event with a new brand identity, materials and a story that will help them serve more people and touch more hearts.

 We have since completed work for our 2018 Do Good recipient, Adventure Crew. And we’re already looking forward to another great round of applicants in 2020.